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We are located in downtown Canton, Ga in a historic building on the corner of 20/Main and Shipp Street. Our address is 670 East Main Street, Canton, GA 30114. Email us or call/text us at 678-283-7795

Canton Homeschool Resources is now accepting new students for fall 2017 registration. We have limited spots available. Please contact us for a tour and information. Classes begin August 7.

Founded in 2013, Canton Homeschool Resources offers individualized, hands-on, activity-based curriculum at affordable prices for grades K-12 in our little yellow schoolhouse in downtown Canton! We invite your child to join us 1-5 days a week in our hybrid homeschool program, a la carte classes, independent study, high school credit recovery, tutoring, or summer camps.  We have made great efforts to meet the needs of families in our area and have made huge improvements each year that we have been open. We are completely open to new ideas, methods, and changes to accommodate what is best for our kids at CHR!  

We customize our program to meet the individual needs of our families and students. All academic classes are taught by certified teachers (many who have master’s degrees, specialist degrees, and higher specific education certifications), use academically proven materials and texts, and are backed by our accreditation status. We do all of this while parents retain their homeschool rights. This means that you can take vacations outside of scheduled ones, curriculum can change for students if needed, and accommodations can be made when necessary. Parents have the opportunity to have transcripts GAC  accredited for college entrance (immediate HOPE scholarship availability and entrance not based on test scores as heavily) if they desire through a third party arrangement we have created. 

CHR students learn through interactive activities where they use their hands and heads to creatively solve problems and gain knowledge. None of our classes operate on a “read this chapter, answer these questions” basis. We like hands-on, activity-based classes, and so do students! With this said, we are ACADEMICALLY SOLID and strive to improve every year that we are open.

Our curriculum is a mix of both Christian-based and secular material, but our focus is on academics.  We  do not require students to be Christian and students are never ever made to feel uncomfortable or pressured in this area. We do not pray in class, debate religion, push religion, or discuss any controversial topics within the Christian community. We do not require Bible study courses or prayer sessions, as we believe these activities should be optional for all.  Our focus is on academics and leave most of the faith stuff to parents and church. We do have some faith based curriculum. We do decorate and celebrate religious holidays. We do have Christian words on the wall. But we do not push… we are very middle of the road 🙂

We have love for and experience with students who show gifted capabilities, processing disorders, IEPs, and those who struggle academically. We have students who are off the charts academically as well as those who struggle (and everyone in between). We work with both families and students. We do not believe that all children learn at the same pace or in the same ways, and we work with this thought in mind as teachers. We do not accept behaviorally or emotionally struggling students so students are always comfortable and feel secure.

We would love to meet with you or chat with you over the phone or email to answer any questions that you may have!

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