Our History

CHR started out as the only real solution to a difficult challenge.   The program was started by Dr. Tammy Cesinger whose daughter suffered from medical issues. She repeated second grade and when it was time to advance again, she needed to repeat it again. The public school system could not hold her back a third time , but as as teacher herself, Tammy knew she could not be pushed forward academically or socially. So, the hunt began for a school for Abby. The private schools were either too high or too low for Abby academically. There was not a good fit anywhere. Homeschooling was not a quick decision because "homeschoolers are weird and unsocialized" . But, without other options, Tammy put her educational degrees to work and decided to homeschool. To avoid the socialization issues, she enrolled her in some co-ops and began teaching classes out of her home. Parents started asking for more and soon Tammy was driving all over Cherokee County teaching. One day, she was driving in downtown Canton and saw a sweet historic building and thought "that would make a cute little schoolhouse". CHR was born. We stayed in the sweet old building from 2013 until 2018 when we expanded to our current location. As we grow and offer more classes and opportunities , we are staying true to our roots in offering customized education to meet students where they are at and help them advance. This is true whether students are gifted , are straight down the middle average, or have mild special needs. Small class sizes, amazing teachers, hands on lessons, great communication, and a safe and loving school is what we have always had and what we will continue to offer at CHR. 

oh, and Abby is doing great ! She has progressed so much in our environment that she is graduating with her original class as is she was never held back at all. She has zero accommodations in school now and has plans for college when she graduates. Both her and her brother , Ethan, are full time academy students at CHR in the high school program. 

CHR has helped many families who struggle to find the perfect school for their children. Students who come to CHR come for a variety of reasons. Many parents just want to keep flexibility and freedoms in their lifestyle. Others come because they have children who travel due to sports, have children in the tv and film industry, have very high achieving children, have struggling students, have students with medical issues, or just have the desire for a unique and fun learning experience.   Whatever the reasons are that bring families to CHR, we are here to help them be successful! 

We  share  teachers  with  The  Haven  Academy.  Click  here  to  learn  more  about  our  awesome  staff!