2020-2021 Educational Options




HYBRID PROGRAM: Students attend classes 2 days a week at CHR and are given suggested work to complete at home on the other 2-3 days of the week. This program includes core academic classes in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, as well as electives for elementary students included in their tuition. Middle and high school students have more elective options available. Electives  for elementary students may include Foreign Language, Lego Robotics, Cooking, Art, or classes like Math Games that offer additional help in academics. Middle and high school electives include foreign languages, academic support classes, health, PE, Student Council, Yearbook, and many  more. 

Elementary School Hybrid classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday. Middle and High School Hybrid classes meet on Monday and Wednesday. We offer elementary. middle school  and high school classes on Fridays.  

We have very limited openings in our hybrid program due to small class sizes and encourage early enrollment.

Full Time  THE HAVEN ACADEMY Private School  :  The Haven Academy opened in 2018 and is a full time educational option . High School students attend 4 days a week (Mon-Thur) for in-class instruction with a 5th day virtual educational day or optional on site academic support day. 

Accreditation through Georgia Accreditation Commission as a private school is included for 2020-2021.   Please see www.thehavenacademy.com for more information on this option.

 We have very limited openings in our private school due to small class sizes and encourage early enrollment. 

Individual Classes

 For those who wish to only enroll in one or a few classes, we have many a la carte classes that can be taken for all ages.   A la carte classes have a $75  yearly registration fee and have individual supply fees. Tuition rates vary. Classes are offered at all levels individually. 

Friday Program

  Please see this page under the headings for all of the details and registration info.