Customized Online Education

Canton Homeschool Resources offers customized online education for middle and high school students.


Canton Homeschool Resources offers customized online education for middle and high school students. This is ideal for those who want to have their kids at home while they do work or for those who live too far to attend CHR in person. Students will receive a customized plan for each class and communication between a certified teacher , the student, and the parent will be through our portal, Edbsy. 

  • Lit/Comp (Language Arts) : Following national and state educational standards, our highly trained and certified teachers will create a course for your student in middle through high school.  (This is not a group course- this is made for your students). Students will be assigned novel studies based on personal interest as well as those that meet the requirements for the specific language arts course that the student needs. They will be led through a series of writing genres and grammar assignments. Students will receive personal feedback for all written work.  The course will assign students at least 5 hours of work each week meeting the state guidelines for Georgia. If the enrolled student is in a state that has a higher per course hourly requirement, we will make this adjustment to meet this requirement. We will customize the work and the progress plan to match the individual student and will progress the student from where they are at. We can grade students based on their own personal merit AND/OR against other students of their grade. This online course and our program is different from others because we CUSTOMIZE the course to work with your student in regards to levels, interests, and needs. We also give individual feedback on student work- we are REAL teachers working with students in the same way we would work with them in our low teacher: student ratio classrooms- we just do it remotely. 

Middle School: English 6, English 7, English 8, Honors courses are available.

High School: Lit/Comp 9, Lit/Comp 10 , American Lit/Comp, British Lit/Comp, AP prep Lit/Comp, Lit/ Comp through Film, Contemporary Lit/Comp, World Lit/Comp, Writing, Reading. Honors options are available. If you need or want a different course, please let us know! We can create it for you 😊 

  • Math : We offer math through the online program ALEKS. We schedule times to meet with students through Facetime technology to assist them each week. We assign additional videos and practice as needed by students. We can offer and support any math course that ALEKS offers. 

  • ANY of our regular classroom courses can also be taken as independent study. Students will follow along with the lessons assigned and complete the work at home to tureen in electronically. Science labs may be modified for students who do not attend class in person. Some quizzes, projects, presentations (and any others that teachers see fit) will be completed via Facetime. 

  • We can also customize any of these courses to assist your student in being successful.  Please contact us to see how we can assist you and your family in your homeschool journey. 


Tuition and Fees


Registration/set up fee: $150/year

Supplies: vary based on course. We will set this up with you individually so you can purchase materials or have us send them to you. We will work with you to get the most cost effective supply fee for you. 


Individual courses that are year long are $1000/year (10 payments of $100)

Semester courses are $500/semester (5 payments of $100)

4 class discounted monthly payment rate is $375 (semester or year long)

5 class discounted monthly payment is $450 (semester or year long)

6 class discounted monthly payment is $550 (semester or year long)

SUMMER: We do offer 18 week  semester long courses over a 9 week period over the summer. Tuition for each semester long course is $250.