Advising, Accreditation and Transcript Services

We are currently accredited by the Georgia Accreditation Commission.  This is accepted by the HOPE scholarship program and many public and private schools in Georgia use this accreditation agency.  Accreditation is optional and students can attend college without it. However, accreditation often  makes the  college application process easier relying less on test scores and portfolios for acceptance. This is also helpful for those who wish to take advantage of the HOPE scholarship immediately out of high school. 

We offer advising, accreditation and transcript  services for home schooled students. 

Accreditation for 2019-2020

For students enrolled in our full time academy program for the full school year, accreditation is included in the fees paid each school year. 

For students enrolled in our hybrid and individual classes , accreditation is optional and the fee is $300 per school year. 

For students not enrolled in classes at CHR and are taking parent led courses that want their coursework accredited and transcripts created, the fee is $300 per school year. 

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For parents (who do not have students enrolled in our hybrid or full time academy where this advising is included in fees) who would like to homeschool their students but do not know where to start, need assistance choosing curriculum, testing, or guidance in any way, advising sessions are available. The fee is  $75/ hour with a one hour minimum and increments of one half hour after the first hour. 

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