Hybrid and Individual Class Options at CHR

Students may come to CHR anywhere from 1-5 days a week. 

HYBRID PROGRAMStudents attend classes 2 days a week at CHR and are given work to complete at home on the other 3 days of the week. This program includes core academic classes in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies, as well as two electives. Electives may include Foreign Language, Lego Robotics, Cooking, Art, or classes like Math Games that offer additional help in academics.

Elementary School Hybrid classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday. Middle and High School Hybrid classes meet on Monday and Wednesday. We offer both elementary and high school classes on Fridays.

We have very limited openings in our hybrid program and encourage early enrollment.

INDIVIDUAL CLASSES: For those who wish to only enroll in one or a few classes, we have many a la carte classes that can be taken for all ages. Every class – with the exception of elementary hybrid hours (Tue/Thur 9am-12noon) – can be taken as a single class.


FALL 2017 High School Options:

9am :

Pre-Algebra  (Mon & Wed)

Algebra 1  (Mon & Wed)

Aleks math program for all math levels   (Mon & Wed)

Chemistry  (Mon & Wed)


Geometry  (Mon & Wed)

Algebra 2  (Mon & Wed)

Math Lab  (Mon & Wed)

Contemporary Literature  (Mon & Wed)


World History (Mon)

Economics (Wed)

Physical Science (Mon) or (Wed)


World Lit/Comp (Mon & Wed)

Study Skills (Mon)

Business Technology (Wed)


Business Tech (Mon)

Current Events (Wed)

ASL 2  (Mon & Wed)

Student Council (Mon) or (Wed)

Yearbook (Mon) or (Wed)


ASL 1  (Mon & Wed)

Spanish 2  (Mon & Wed)

Art History (Mon)

Art (Wed

FRIDAY 9-11am  Spanish 1

FRIDAY 11-1 Math Lab

Middle School Electives outside of science, social studies, language arts, and math:


Reading and Writing Enrichment (Mon)

Computer Skills (Mon)

Yearbook (Wed)

Health (Wed)


Music Appreciation (Mon)


Art (Wed)

ASL  (Mon & Wed)

Elementary Electives after the hybrid math, language arts, science, and social studies:


Tuesday at 130:
Art Lab K-5th
Fitness Fun 3rd-5th
Geography Crafts K-2nd
Guitar 3rd-5th
Tuesday at 230:
Homework Help 
STEAM K-2nd 
Thursday at 130:
Planet Earth 3rd-5th grade
Fitness Fun K-2nd grade
Geography Crafts 3rd-5th grade
ASL K-5th
Thursday at 230:
Homework Help 
STEAM 3rd-5th grade
FUN FRIDAYS- all day 9am – 130pm
Add on Fun Friday to the HYBRID program  for $110/ month extra for the first child and $60 for additional sibling enrolled. $100 Friday supply fee for the year and a $25 registration fee  is required. OR, pick individual classes for $50/each/month plus $25 supply fee per class. 
Non-Hybrid kids can take the Fun for $155 /month for the first child and $105 for siblings per month. They can also take individual classes for $50/month if they prefer to not do the whole day. There is a $50 registration fee. Supplies are $100/year or $50/class
Music K-2nd
Creative Wriiting/ Reading for 3rd-6th
Music 3rd-6th
Creative Writing/Reading for K-2nd
Computer Coding 3rd-6th 
Spanish K-2nd
Spanish  3rd-6th
Computer Coding K-2nd
Educational Crafts and Games
(The coding class requires a $7.99 app and an ipad or laptop to use in class. The first 30 days of the subscription are free. )


We are located in downtown Canton, Ga in a historic building on the corner of 20/Main and Shipp Street. 670 East Main Street, Canton, GA 30114. Email us or call/text us at 678-283-7795