School Calendar & Upcoming Events

2017-2018 School Year

(Current families will have a detailed calendar in their school management system account)

Classes begin August 7, 2017

Sept 4: Labor Day holiday

Sept 18-22: Fall Break

Nov 7 : No school as per CCSD

Nov 20-24: Thanksgiving Break

December 18- 22: Assignments are given but students will work from home this week

December 25-Jan 5: Christmas Break

Jan 8: Classes Resume

Jan 15: No school as per CCSD

Feb 19-Feb 23 Winter Break

March 30: Good Friday- no school

April 2-6: Spring Break

May 18: Last Day of Classes

May 21-23: Standardized Testing


Students are required to attend school 180 school days each school year as per Ga homeschool law . This calendar offers 174 days. Parents may create the other 6 days through educational activities, field trips, etc. We are happy to assign work for these days if parents would like the help 🙂 . It is up to the parent to maintain attendance records for homeschool children. We will assist you with this process but cannot do it for you. We recommend  . We do not get any benefits for referring you to them- we just know they make our lives easier as homeschool parents and we use them 🙂